Updates & Tot School

Apologies for my long absence.  I was busy having my second baby (Masha’Allah!), helping Little Duck adjust, and hosting visitors.  All that is done now.  We are getting into more of a routine and I hope to be blogging more regularly.  I had some awesome Ramadan activity posts planned – that are sitting in my drafts section – but they will have to wait until next Ramadan, Insha’Allah.

Before I had my baby boy, let’s call him Peanut, I decided it was important to create a twelve month plan for my daughter.  I knew once I had him, I would be all over the place and wouldn’t have the time to give it as much thought.  Not only that, a lesson I learned while teaching was the importance of taking the time to prep.  Being prepared helps things run more smoothly and increases your chances of success.  I definitely felt that my friends with older children thought I was being idealistic and naive.  Maybe I am in over my head, but I think I owe Little Duck the effort.  I just have to be adaptable and understand that I may not accomplish everything I have planned.  I will consider myself successful if I get to a fraction of the activities and Little Duck is having fun and learning.

And so, the googling started in search of ideas and activities and I came across the concept of Tot School.  The idea behind and the term came about from the following blog.  There is a ton of information, free e-books, downloadable materials, and links to other blogs implementing Tot School at different stages.  After reading through their introductory articles and learning more about Montessori at home, I had a more structured plan of what I wanted to accomplish with my daughter.

tot school

Basically, I found some 12 month plans of other moms and with ideas from Pinterest, Montessori blogs, and the Tot School blog, I came up with my own outline of general themes and topics to cover each month.  I block out one night at the end of each week to plan the next using my outline. It’s pretty easy.  I just go on to pinterest, search my topic, and pick an activity. Whatever I didn’t finish the week before, I roll over to the next and many of the Montessori activities are good for the entire month.  It’s a work in progress and I hope to share my ideas and weekly lessons soon on the blog!

Please do share any ideas or good reads!


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