Two Years Old

Little Duck turned two a couple of days ago, Masha’Allah.  As she gets older, I always think about what I hear from parents with adult children — they are babies one minute and adults the next.  I always find myself thinking – remember this moment, her funny smile, her soft skin, her baby smell…hold on tight to these memories and the little details so you never forget.   Birthdays are bittersweet. You will miss the moments that are being left behind, but there’s so much to look forward to as they grow and learn. 

My Little Duck has reached so many amazing milestones in the past year. She faced her fears doing tumbles and rolls in the little gym classes I enrolled her in last fall. She says bismillah before eating, eats neatly, uses a napkin, and is practicing cleaning up after herself. She puts her toys away when asked. She knows how to count up to ten, most of her colors, her shapes, and can sing half of both the Arabic and American alphabet songs. She’s memorized the dua before sleeping. She knows the proper motions of Salah, when to say Ameen after Fatiha, the takbeer, and part of wudu’ Mashallah!  She has most of her favorite Arabic nursery rhymes memorized. She speaks in short sentences and has a very strong Arabic vocabulary. She picks up English words faster than my husband would like.  She loves to pretend to read and be read to.  She learned how to sleep on her bed in her room MashaAllah.   She has become so confident in the pool and has nearly learned how to float.  And best of all, she is a caring and doting big sister to her baby brother. Mashallah. 

I cannot be more grateful for the blessings and happiness she brings to us and both our families. Alhamdulillah. I pray she becomes a wonderful and righteous Muslimah, a lover of learning, a thinker, someone who works hard, a kind and good hearted person, the coolness of our eyes, and one who has a good impact on this world. Ameen. 

Love you always and forever my Little Duck. 


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