Our Week in Pictures

This week Little Duck’s grandfather (Jidu) was visiting – Baba’s dad.  We didn’t dedicate specific time on Tot School this week, but we did do some activities here and there whenever I got the chance.  The wonderful thing is that most of their play had plenty of learning involved.  It really helps that all of her toys are educational and open ended.  I love seeing her enjoy learning through play.  I also felt pretty proud of her after her Jidu was so impressed with all of her achievements thus far, Masha’Allah.  On to the pictures!

Play-Doh Shapes


Little Duck loves Play-Doh.  She calls us over and has us make her different things.  Baba likes to make her jewelry.  I make her balls of different sizes.  At first, she wasn’t able to make anything on her own, but she quickly learned how to make bracelets and roll balls after having us do it a hundred times.  This week I have been making her different shapes and having her identify them.

Color Wheel


I made this color wheel ages ago, but Little Duck is just beginning to get the hang of it.  I found the idea on Pinterest and loved that it helped her practice fine motor skills and color matching.  However, I did not anticipate that opening the clothespins would be such a challenge for her.  I set the wheel aside when she wasn’t making progress and would show signs of frustration.  As for the color matching, she knows her colors very well.  Next, we will work on actually pinning them on to the wheel.  Nothing makes me happier than to see her overcome a challenge and work hard to figure it out.  It feels far more rewarding to witness that than to see her excel at other activities that require little effort on her part.

Color Sorting & Counting


One activity Little Duck spent a lot of time doing with Jidu was color sorting and counting.  She knows how to count up to the number ten on her fingers, but I haven’t introduced any formal counting activities.  I ordered these counting bears just for that.  She mastered sorting the bears by color with Jidu.  He also taught her another word in Arabic for purple.  She uses both words interchangeably.  He introduced counting to her.  He said she was picking it up slowly but needs more practice.

Big Kid Swing


We have a playground halfway down the block from our apartment building.  The weather is finally improving – if you can call 100 degrees Fahrenheit an improvement – and so I took Little Duck out in the evening on her birthday.  They do not have swings for infants and toddlers or else we would have gone for that.  I tried to get her to sit on this when we first got there but she refused to until she saw the only other girl there jumping on and swinging.  Of course her little feet did not reach the ground, nonetheless she nervously let me push her slowly.  I was happy to see that although she was clearly a little afraid, she faced her fear.  She had a huge grin on her face and really enjoyed it.



We have tried scooping activities in the past.  She would be interested, but many of them proved to be slightly challenging.  This is another Pinterest inspired activity.  It wasn’t an easy task in the beginning, so I spent about five to ten minutes each day working with her until she mastered it.  I was happy to see her pulling this tray out on her own once or twice.  I am going to increase the difficulty by replacing the ice cream scoop with a spoon in the coming week.

And that’s it for this week.  Next week, I would like to also include Peanut in our weekly photo roundup.  Please do comment below with suggestions for activities, ideas, or just to say hi!


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