Memorizing Qur’an & Duas with Toddlers

Assalamu’alaikum and hello!

One night during our bedtime routine while I was saying the du’a (supplication) before sleeping with Little Duck, she repeated a couple of the words along with me.  It dawned on me that she was ready and capable of memorizing.  I asked her to repeat it word by word after me every night.  A couple of nights later, she had the du’a memorized in its entirety (albeit – it is a short one), Masha’Allah.  Her milestones always amaze me and are a reminder of the beauty of creation, Subhanallah.   Continue reading


Maple Leaf Marble Painting

This week was spent recuperating from the traveling and so I won’t be posting “Our Week in Pictures” since I did not really document our activities this week.  However, we did try to get into the fall spirit by doing some marble painting of a maple leaf.  I had no idea what marble painting was until I found this on Pinterest.  It can be done with anything really, but we used it to paint a fall leaf.

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Our Week in Pictures

This week Little Duck’s grandfather (Jidu) was visiting – Baba’s dad.  We didn’t dedicate specific time on Tot School this week, but we did do some activities here and there whenever I got the chance.  The wonderful thing is that most of their play had plenty of learning involved.  It really helps that all of her toys are educational and open ended.  I love seeing her enjoy learning through play.  I also felt pretty proud of her after her Jidu was so impressed with all of her achievements thus far, Masha’Allah.  On to the pictures!

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