Maple Leaf Marble Painting

This week was spent recuperating from the traveling and so I won’t be posting “Our Week in Pictures” since I did not really document our activities this week.  However, we did try to get into the fall spirit by doing some marble painting of a maple leaf.  I had no idea what marble painting was until I found this on Pinterest.  It can be done with anything really, but we used it to paint a fall leaf.

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Our Week in Pictures

This week Little Duck’s grandfather (Jidu) was visiting – Baba’s dad.  We didn’t dedicate specific time on Tot School this week, but we did do some activities here and there whenever I got the chance.  The wonderful thing is that most of their play had plenty of learning involved.  It really helps that all of her toys are educational and open ended.  I love seeing her enjoy learning through play.  I also felt pretty proud of her after her Jidu was so impressed with all of her achievements thus far, Masha’Allah.  On to the pictures!

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Our Week in Pictures

I got the idea of a “Week in Pictures” from other blogs I enjoy and thought I would give it a try.  The weekly post will showcase activities covered throughout the week with short descriptions.  Since the weekdays here in the UAE are technically Sunday through Thursday and weekends Friday and Saturday, our posts will either be published by Saturday night or Sunday morning.  Let’s hope I pull through.

Cotton Ball Clouds

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